Ideal Yurt Exhibition/Workshops/Films @ Cardiff University

 Are you concerned about the environment?

Are you concerned about the future?

Part of GO GREEN WEEK @Cardiff University Student Union Building Feb 2013


6 degrees: Our future on a hotter planet

Tues 12th Feb 2pm      Wed 13thFeb 6pm

If we are going to act we need to realistically understand the problem of how our climate is changing. How much is it going to heat up by? Over what time scale? What are the consequences? Natural habitats, farming, water supply, storms, flooding, society, politics

What does a 1degree world look like? You are already practically in it; global average temperatures have gone up by 0.8 degrees. What does a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 degrees warming look like?

Cutting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Wed 13th Feb 2pm   Thurs 14th Feb 6pm

The developing nations of the world are asking the industrialised nations to cut their GHG emissions by 40% before 2020. The UK government has passed a law to cut by 80% by 2050. The question is how can either of these be done and what would be the consequences for the ordinary person and society.

You can be the ‘peoples’ committee’ to decide where the cuts need to be made. We can then look at what these cuts mean to our every day lives & the economy etc.

Abandoning false hope and becoming fearless.

Thurs 14th Feb 2pm       Fri Feb 15th 6pm

Why are we not responding to the current and forecasted insecurity and chaos caused by climate change? Why are we displaying denial and inaction?

To answer these questions we need to contrast and compare models of existence and ideologies which influence our every day decisions. It is not enough to know what to do about the problem. What we need is a deeper understanding of why we are doing it. So we can be effective and remain open, cooperative and non-violent when we start to take action to change society. In the process abandoning false hope and becoming fearless.

 Workshops are held in the Mongolian Yurt (Next to student union building, look for signs)

Ideal Yurt Exhibition

Yurt Open all Week to Visitors throughout the day for tea, conversation and films etc.


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